Committee Meeting 2021-07-22

  • Agenda
  • We have a short amount of time to get the warrant article ready
    • Axiom/Hawkeye work won’t likely be finished in time for the article
      • Axiom is hoping they will be ready
    • Is there an option for a longer bond period to make the earlier years easier.
  • long discussion about financing (see recording)
  • discussed remote meeting changes
    • not sure if committee members will be able to continue meeting on zoom
  • Discussed china community days
  • discussed next week’s broadband and brownies on 07/29 @6:30pm
    • China Middle School Gym
    • after meeting for official business
      • final warrant recommendation
        • need warrant for applying for grants
    • lots of discussion about the food/drinks
  • scheduled meeting future meetings 08/05 @5pm zoom

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