Committee Meeting 7/15

  • Regional cooperation is difficult and is likely to slow the project down.
  • We are a fairly unique situation for the state as we are looking to install fiber optics while already having a cable provider in town.
  • Maine Community Foundation has grants available
  • Funding for the engineering survey is in limbo because it needs approved by the TIF committee and the committee is having scheduling issues
  • China Community days
    • Sat 8/7 10-3
    • boxes of “fiber”?
    • brochure?
  • Next community meeting?
    • July 29th 6:30PM
    • Middle School
    • food?
    • town line ad
      • broadband and brownies
      • motion to approve up to $100 for this ad – passed
  • 5 min video?
    • main points
      • how much will it cost
      • will it increase my taxes
  • update from Jamie noted that the TIF committee did approve the money
  • approved of new website
    • motion for funds of up to $100 for the website – passed

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